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molecular biology training program

Molecular biology is a branch of research that examines the chemical makeup and mechanisms of biological occurrences involving molecules, the fundamental building blocks of life. Specifically, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and proteins—macromolecules vital to life processes—as well as their interactions and behaviours inside cells are the primary objective of the discipline of molecular biology. 

Molecular biology has emerged from its close relatives – biochemistry, genetics, and biophysics and it remains to be closely associated with those fields, till today. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wide scope, and you reside in the capital city, it is a great time to find out a company that provides molecular biology training in Delhi.

Is molecular biology a high-demand discipline?

If you are a rookie and you are pondering over the fact, that Molecular Biology is a future-oriented career choice, then you need to know the fun part of this discipline. Undoubtedly, one of the high-demand disciplines under the biology umbrella and mostly you can see the flourishing scopes in the healthcare and academia-industry. 

In these industries, the focal purpose is to develop novel therapies and drugs, comprehend the genetic basis of disease, and grow new-fangled agricultural products.

So, if you are thinking of indulging in the career path, it is better to take a Molecular Biology Summer Internship Program in Delhithis 2024 summer. 

What will you gain with a molecular biology training program?

A training program in molecular biology will concentrate on specific molecular biology topics and offer principles for comprehending the building blocks and functional connections of molecular biology methods such as cDNA synthesis and analysis, Real-Time-PCR, sub-cloning, cloning, DNA manipulation, RNA isolation and RT-PCR. There will be presentations of several contemporary molecular biology approaches used in the pharmacy and biotech sectors, as well as several prominent molecular applications.

You will have a better grasp of the methods used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors after completing the Molecular Biology Training course. You’ll be knowledgeable about ideas related to fundamental theories of molecular biology as well as methods for comprehending a range of current research topics and their applications.

So, to register for Molecular Biology Training in Delhi, look no further than Decode DNA.

Here, we are offering an industrial training program, which can be a transformative experience for you this summer. Our customized industrial training modules can offer exposure to a world of opportunities. Hence, whether you want to partake in a summer internship course or an elaborative Molecular Biotechnology Training in Delhi, in both cases, our tailored programs are highly dynamic.

We have something for everybody, from inquisitive students to experienced professionals, graduate or postgraduate academics, PhD Scholars, college faculties, and any biotech enthusiast!

The structure of our training program –

  • 7 Days Training Modules
  • 15 Days Training Modules
  • 30 Days Training Modules

As a company ranked in the Top 10 in the EdTech category of the National Startup Award for 2022, we can assure you of a great learning experience, with a practical-oriented approach in our advanced laboratory and expert knowledge transfer by field professionals. Contact us to book the training program.

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